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CCNP ROUTE Study – EIGRP Passive Interfaces

We know that enabling EIGRP on an interface has two effects: EIGRP Hello packets will start being sent out of the interface to multicast  address  This means that neighbour relationships (adjacencies) can be formed with other routers directly connected to the same subnet and using the same EIGRP AS number the network that the […]

CCNP ROUTE Studies – IP Routing Basics

  Before getting into the detail of the various Routing Protocols, lets go over some of the fundamental concepts and principles of IP Routing, starting with an explanation of Distance Vector routing protocols…..   Distance Vector Routing Protocols examples: RIP, IGRP, EIGRP a router using a DV protocol knows 2 things: Distance to final destination Vector […]

CCNP SWITCH Study Notes – Random Extras

This post is a collection of other random information, config examples etc. that I’ve cobbled together in preparation for the SWITCH exam: AAA TACACS+ config enable AAA gloablly on the switch switch# conf t switch# (config) aaa new-model configure the switch with the IP of the TACACS+ server switch(config)# tacacs-server host configure the encryption used […]