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How To – Back up and restore Check Point SecurePlatform Gateways and Managemement servers

This blog post details how to back up and restore Check Point Security Management Servers and Security Gateways running on the SecurePlatform OS, on Open Server hardware. There are two types of backup available – Snapshot and Backup. **note** it is recommended to only carry out backup procedures during a maintenance window due to the […]

How To – Backup Check Point SPLAT Routing and Interface Information

A quick post showing how to save the routing and interface information from your Check Point Management Servers and Gateways running on the Secure Platform OS. Simply SSH onto the box and enter netstat -rn > routes.txt ifconfig > ifconfig.txt Copy the 2 txt files off the box and then also grab a copy of /etc/sysconfig/netconf.C […]

Check Point SecurePlatform CLI reference

To save me time searching for commonly used commands for administering Check Point SecurePlatform (SPLAT) based boxes, I’ve started to put together a list of them here:   General: chsh -s /bin/bash username – ensures that user “username” is dropped automatically into Expert Mode when logging in through the console fw ctl pstat (displays data […]