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Adventures in VOIP (or how to make Avaya phones & Cisco switches play nicely)

  I’m currently working on an Avaya VOIP implementation, and thought I’d blog about some of the configuration steps involved along the way. First of all let’s set the scene with a massively oversimplified network diagram that shows how things hook together.  We have a DHCP server and an Avaya CS1000E Communications Server, a Cisco […]

CCNP SWITCH Study Notes – Random Extras

This post is a collection of other random information, config examples etc. that I’ve cobbled together in preparation for the SWITCH exam: AAA TACACS+ config enable AAA gloablly on the switch switch# conf t switch# (config) aaa new-model configure the switch with the IP of the TACACS+ server switch(config)# tacacs-server host configure the encryption used […]

CCNP Study Notes – Enterprise Campus Network Design

Hierarchical Network Design predictable behavior low maintenance high availability recover from failure and topology changes in a pre-determined manner scale to support future expansion and upgrades design around traffic flows rather than a particular type of traffic keep end users at consistent distances from resources cisco approach enables designers to organize the network into distinct […]

CCNP Study Notes – Protecting The Spanning Tree Protocol Topology

Protecting The Spanning Tree Protocol Topology   There are 2 conditions that can occur to disrupt the loop free topology even when STP is running: BPDU’s suddenly being received on a port that shouldn’t be receiving them – can result in unexpected re-convergence results BPDU’s suddenly stop being received on a port that should be receiving them […]